MERSIN HEALTH TOUR is a MINTH CONSULTING brand. and has a physician-oriented health understanding. It provides services in Turkey and its branches in countries through a specialized academic team of doctors, Through liaison offices and specialized health advisory centers.

Our professional and experienced team, whose specialty in international health counseling,
MINTH CONSULTING is a company headquartered in Mersin and the aim of its foundation is to provide medical consultations in the field of medical tourism and is a member of a group of companies working in the field of health consulting, education and international investments. The companies within the group are:

  • MINTH CONSULTING - International health tourism consultancy
  • TURKEY EDUCATION - International education tourism consultancy
  • MENKULPARK investment consulting - International trade consultancy

Mersin consulting makes all things easy for patients and their families,
Because the doctors team of MINTH CONSULTING inside and outside Turkey in constant contact with the branches and representatives of the company.
• Pre-treatment - time of treatment - post-treatment medical procedures,
• Bureaucratic procedures, including visas and all permits,
• Health insurance company provision and payment transactions,
• It can easily solve all formalities such as treatment fee payments on your behalf.

To provide our guests from abroad with the comfort of their own homes, the highest quality, the most perfect health service, by the best specialist doctors and staffs, and by the right health centers.

  With international health tourism consultancy services we can contribute to branding in the field and to increase the export of the country.

• Reliability
• Professionalism.
• Transparency.
• Accountability.
• Decentralized health services and medical deontology.
• Patient privacy.
• Patient satisfaction.
• Pre-treatment and post-treatment by the doctor , economical and perfect health services before and after treatment.