What the difference in how MERSIN HEALTH TOUR works:
The mechanism of our work revolves around the work of the doctor himself. Patients wishing to receive their treatment in Turkey will be directed by our doctors abroad to the appropriate destination for them, to receive their treatment in Turkey, -by the most skilled specialist doctors - so they will be the link between the patients and the correct destination of treatment. Doctors residing abroad will be in constant contact with the attending doctors, to be able to closely follow the patient’s situation and all developments in the treatment process.

In different regions of the world inside and outside Turkey, the main task of health professionals working in our offices is to secure communication between doctors from different regions with doctors in Turkey. Our professional team, with extensive experience in health consulting, entrusts you to the right destination and puts you in the hands of professional and experienced doctors. Patients can choose the doctor and the centers where he/her will be treated, through any of our offices


All patient analyzes and examinations are reviewed by specialist doctors, we provide you with detailed information regarding the duration and method of treatment, support in obtaining a visa, and choice of accommodation (hotel - apartment).
You can contact with a special consultant from MINTH, 7/24 to contact you and inform you about the details to develop a treatment plan in the best conditions.

With you from the moment of arrival

A special employee from MINTH will greet you the moment you arrive at the airport to accompany you to your place of residence, It is followed by a step to take you to the health center where the treatment will take place, to meet with the doctor to consult and discuss all your treatment procedures.

During treatment ...

The MINTH consultant will provide our services to you to provide all your necessary needs during the treatment period, (upon special request) a healthcare professional will be appointed to communicate with you in your language 7/24.

After the treatment phase ...

After completing the treatment procedures, your MINTH consultant will finalize matters related to your discharge from the hospital. Our transportation services will be provided in preparation for your return to your country

Post-treatment follow-up phase…..

After the completion of the treatment process, a special file will be prepared for you in a foreign language, to take it with you during your return to your country, and it is preferable to present it to the doctor who sent you for treatment here, and he will follow you in the post-treatment phase and for this there will not be any need to return again.